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Watercolor Brush 19

Heal your Heart

When The Grunts asked us for creating a music video for their song 'Heal your Heart' we didn't have the idea straight away. It is an uplifting song but tells about sad times in human life too.


One evening we set down in our living room listening to the song, and we started thinking about the story the video can tell. We let our imagination flies and expand, and then a piece of paper balled up flew through the window into our room. Well... not literally, but that's how the story began, and the video explains everything.

Heal your Heart by The Grunts

written and directed by Magdalena Wodzisz

produced by The Grunts, Magic Hour Films

director of photography Chris Staniec

editor Magdalena Wodzisz

music, lyrics, and performance by The Grunts

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