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Watercolor Brush 19

It was cold but sunny February day when we grabbed our equipment and headed to Ardmore.

We had no plan, just wanted to shoot something, nothing specific, maybe some test shots on the coast. We didn't know. We came down to the beach.
'OK, what now?' Chris started wondering and looking for good frames.
'Hmm, let me think.. what do I have in my handbag?' Magda replied.

Then she took out a piece of ribbon, and that's how the story began. 

The rest of the story you can find in the music video.

Feral Love

Feral Love by Chelsea Wolfe

(unofficial music video)

story and directed by Magdalena Wodzisz

cinematographer Chris Staniec

editor Magdalena Wodzisz

music, lyrics, and performance by Chelsea Wolfe

Feral Love_1.12.1.jpg
Feral Love_1.9.1.jpg
Feral Love_1.21.1.jpg
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