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Watercolor Brush 19

Dark Sand

We often feel lost, overwhelmed and left with many unanswered questions. “Dark Sand” reminds you that you can search for guidance in nature and you will find comfort and reassurance once you get back to your roots. 


Dora Gola (singer, co-writer and co-producer) and Magdalena Wodzisz (director) in 'Dark Sand' encourage you to detach from the world around. Let yourself be buried in the dark sand, and synchronise to the beat of the Earth’s heart.

Dark Sand by Dora Gola

Director Magdalena Wodzisz

Story by Magdalena Wodzisz

Executive Producer Karl Daly

Cinematographer Chris Staniec

Gaffer Noel McElligott

Editor + Colourist Magdalena Wodzisz

Starring Dora Gola, Darragh Keary

Makeup Artist Kinga Ondrusova

Costume Designer Miriam Kelleher

Costume Supervisor Aleksandra Slowinska

Production Assistant (+the best catering) Paul Coote

Dark Sand Still_2.10.1.jpg
Dark Sand Still_2.53.1.jpg
Dark Sand Still_1.3.1.jpg
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